Neustadt Glewe Burgfest Anmeldung

Rules of 26. Burgfest Neustadt-Glewe 2018

Allowed Weapons:


1. Cutting Weapons


Weapons with steel blades, handled with one hand, for example sword, axe, Seax.

The cutting edge of the blade has to be at least 2 mm thick. The tip has to be rounded, at least like the rounding of an European 5 Cents coin.

There must not be any sharp edges or anything, like at the hilt or at the guard.



 2. Polearms


Long Weapons with blades and / or tips of steel, for example spear or long axe. The cutting edge of the blade has to be at least 2 mm thick. The tip has to be rounded, at least like the rounding of an European 5 Cents coin.

The length of the polearms is restricted to (overall length including the weapon head):

One handed spears: 2,10 m.

Two handed long spears: 3,0 m.

Long axe: 1,90 m.

The minimum length of the cutting edge of the long-axe-blade has to be 15 cm.




3. One handed Axes:


The shaft of the one handed axe must not be longer than the sword, the fighter is wearing, or an average Viking period sword. The cutting edge of the one handed axe has to be at least 5 cm long.



 4. Defensive Weapons:


Shields in the form according to the reenacted period. The shields must not have any spikes, sharp edges or something, which can cause a risk of injuring someone. Edgings made of steel, iron or metal are not allowed. The shields must also not be heavily burred or damaged. The edging of the shields has to be fully intact.






In case of doubt, the organizers of the battle will decide if a weapon can be used in the battle or not. This decision is definitely.

Rules of hitting:

Strikes to the head are only allowed from above und only to the helmed part of the head. No horizontally strikes from the side and no strikes or stabs to the face or neck. No scoring hit with flat sides of a weapon or wooden shafts.

Scoring hits are only “realistic hits”, which means strikes with the blade and clear stabs or cuts. Scoring hits should be done with some halfway “realistic” power, a just lightly touch is no scoring hit. It’s not necessary and wanted to hit as hard as possible, but a scoring hit should be appreciable. Cuts should be done with pressure and all the length of the blade. If a combatant touches the ground with at least three parts of the body, he loses all hitpoints and is out (e.g. kneeing or falling down).



1. Cutting Weapons:


Strikes, cuts and stabs. The weapon has to be used as it was constructed (for example no fast fencing in rapier-style with a Viking sword).



2. Polearms:


All kinds of spears: Only stabs. No strikes and no cuts.

Long axes: Strikes, stabs and cuts.



3. DefensivE Weapons:


Offensive usage of the shields edge against the body, face or neck is not allowed.

Frontal pressure with the shield against the body is allowed, but not against face or neck.

Offensive usage of the shields edge is only allowed against other shields or to break shield formations (stay safe!).


Protection gear:

Every fighter in the battle has at least to wear a helmet! The helmet has to be made of steel or other hard metal and has to be able to protect the fighters head in a safe way.


The authenticity check will ban the following:

1. Leather lamellars and leather armour (only allowed, when usage is proven by archaeological or historical evidence).

2. Machine sewn gambesons and/or gambesons made of cotton.

3. Gloves, which are of disproportionate size (e.g. ice hockey gloves).

4. Protective gear made of leather (e.g. bracers) which optical bothers too much.

5. Ocular Helmets with fantasy-shapes.

6. Any helmets which have no archaeological or historical evidence (it has not to be a comlete replica of a finding, but it has to have a decent shape).


It is not allowed to use polearms from a low position. Polearms have to be parried down.

The participation at the battle under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol is strictly forbidden.

Stay fair and respectful! We fight as partners, not as enemies!

Before the battle there will be a muster and a test fight for everyone. The muster includes an authenticity check. We want to achieve a continuous improvement of the reenactment standards.

There are no “Alex”-tents allowed on the area of the event. It’s possible to take place with “unauthentic” tents on a nearby camping site or grassland.

During the battle are only protected fighters allowed on the battlefield. Noncombatants have to leave the battlefield, when the fight starts.

Participants at the battle have to be at least 18 years of age.

The organizers have the domestic authority.

Every fighter is responsible for not endangering the audience.


Attention: Some changes in the rules may come up, please check periodly!

>>Updates are marked in red<<


Neustadt Glewe Burgfest Anmeldung

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Neustadt Glewe Burgfest Anmeldung


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Neustadt Glewe Burgfest Anmeldung


Neustadt Glewe Burgfest Anmeldung GERMAN

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